SD 2600 People

- Founder of San Diego 2600, UNIX administration, coding

- Co-founder of San Diego 2600, Chairman of ToorCon

Pixel8 - Graphics / Founder of PixelTwisters.

KiWe - WarDriving wheelman and group cheerleader

nfiltr8 - Dachb0den Labs Engineer

ComLogik - Corporate Diagnostics, Telephony & Network Auditing

Fortezza - Phreaking and Trashing

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Official Press Release From San Diego 2600
To: All Local News Agencies
From: San Diego 2600
Concerning: Recent hacker crackdown and hacker retaliation

Dear San Diego News Agencies,

San Diego 2600 would like to add a different perspective to the recent hacker crackdown and the three warrents for San Diego residents. We want to make clear the distinction between a hacker and a criminal. Too often, the media forgets that a criminal with computer skills is still a criminal. We, San Diego 2600, do not advocate criminal activity whatsoever.

Some of the people who were apprehended by the FBI were criminals with computer skills. A hacker is someone who wants to go beyond the limits that people once thought computers could do. Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux, is a perfect example of a hacker. He gave new life to low end computers and pushed the limits of new ones. People who use computer skills to deface webpages and root servers without permission from the system administrator to test the security of the server are NOT hackers, they are what we call crackers.

We at San Diego 2600 want to express our heartfelt sympathy to all the innocent companies and institutions that were vandalized by these crackers. Remember, some of these people are NOT hackers that were arrested. The real hackers in the computer world are not the ones who get their computers confiscated and are seen walking to a black Sedan handcuffed. The real hackers are the ones who make computers better then they are now. At this very moment, there is a hacker somewhere pushing the limits of computer technology to new heights and raising the technological intellect of society one step higher.


San Diego 2600
June, 1999


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