SD 2600 People

- Founder of San Diego 2600, UNIX administration, coding

- Co-founder of San Diego 2600, Chairman of ToorCon

Pixel8 - Graphics / Founder of PixelTwisters.

KiWe - WarDriving wheelman and group cheerleader

nfiltr8 - Dachb0den Labs Engineer

ComLogik - Corporate Diagnostics, Telephony & Network Auditing

Fortezza - Phreaking and Trashing

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Rawsnif - Rawsnif is the first ever Perl based packet sniffer. It currently has been tested on Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Please download and tell h1kari what you think of it.

The Calculator for *NIX - The Calculator is a simple four function console calculator. Later versions will have a scientific calculator version and advanced mathematical problem solving. This program has currently been tested on FreeBSD and Linux. Please download and tell skalore what you think.

Multfunctional Network Scanner - MNS is an entire classless network auditing and vulnerability logging package comparable to nmap or sscan. It uses the latest methods of stealthing, OS detection and vulnerability checking. A few key features are not yet implemented because they are still being worked on, namely integrated SMB / NetBios scanning support.

lsof exploit - Exploit for lsof.

subipop2d - Exploit for ipop2 daemons shipped with the imap-4.4 package.



Essential WebLinks

News Sites
- @Stake
- Attrition
- The Intelligence Network
- San Diego Union Tribune
- Nightfall Security Group
- Slashdot

Technology Sites
- Freedom Software - Protect Your Privacy Now!
- FreeBSD
- Slackware
- San Diego Supercomputer Center
- Freshmeat

"Hacker"/"Hacking" Sites
- Nightfall Security Group
- 2600 - The Hacker Quarterly
- Las Angeles 2600

- ToorCon Computer Security Expo
- Defcon
- Hope2000

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